Preparing the Service

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Whether it is a Religious or Non Religious Service, each ceremony I conduct is individually written from start to finish, honouring the person in a dignified and fitting tribute, focusing on everything that made them special and unique.

On most occasions I will meet with the family to discuss the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony (if the next of kin live a long distance away, it can be done via telephone, email, Skype or text. At that time I will discuss with you your wishes and ideas and together we will create a service that is as unique as the person you loved.

You may want family and close friends to participate in the service, by means of readings, poems, music, or personal tribute. I strongly encourage and support those who wish to take part, to express their own sentiments and say goodbye in ways that have significance for them and all those present. You may also try and include more unusual ways of marking your loss, such as gathering around to place a flower on the coffin, or releasing white doves or balloons after the service, something I did at the funeral of my first wife in December 2004.
As a helpful guide, the following may be of assistance in preparing a Tribute.

  •  When and where was the deceased born

  •  Nicknames and/or names known to others

  •  Parents Names - where they met / married

  •  Brothers and sisters

  •  Early Childhood - Localities and interests

  •  Schools attended, awards gained

  •  Academic or trade qualifications and achievements

  •  Some interesting items about childhood days

  •  Details of any war or Military service

  •  Details of Marriages, divorces, children, significant relationships

  •  Details of Grandchildren / Great Grandchildren

  •  Details of any Club Memberships, position held

  •  Details of sporting achievements

  •  Details of any hobbies or interests, travel crafts etc

  •  Details of historical significance

  •  Preferences, likes and dislikes

  •  Details of activities, eg music, theatre etc

  •  Any special stories, sayings, qualities that are significant to others