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Rev Ray Biddiss
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Rev Ray Biddiss

Hello, I am the Rev. Ray Biddiss, I am an Ordained Baptist Minister and Professional Celebrant living near Morpeth in Northumberland, who can provide Religious and Non Religious services. Everything from Baptism/Infant blessings, to Burial or Cremation services, Weddings, Memorial Services and even Public Dinner Speaking.

I was a Biker for over 43 years and established the Guinness World Record for a Motorcycle Hearse I had built in 2011. In the last 18 years I have conducted more than 7,500 services.

I joined the Merchant Navy at 16 and left after 4 years following a bike accident. I retrained as a Fitter Welder, went on to be a Service engineer and then a Technical Sales Rep and did 2 years as as a Bus and Coach Driver

My Christian walk started in my mid 20’s when I courted and married Wendy, a girl from a committed Christian family - they went to church so I tagged along. I attended the Anglican church and gradually became more involved with church life, especially with the Scout Group. I was at that time more a church goer than any sort of committed Christian. My wife prayed that I would have a real experience of God, and through some hard and desperate events I did, and became a committed Christian.

We then went to a House Church for a couple of years and through them I worked with the Baptist Church in Arundel. Those two churches believed that God was calling me to be a Minister. I was selected and then trained for 3 years at Bristol Baptist College and was ordained in 1996.


Since then I have ministered in Baptist, Wesleyan and Methodist churches and occasionally in Anglican churches too. At present I worship in St John’s Parish Church in Ulgham, near Morpeth, Northumberland. For the last 18 years I have been conducting funerals, some 7,500. (See Testimonials).

I am Non-denominational, in that I believe in one God – One Catholic (worldwide) Church. I listen to people and do not preach religion at them, I believe a funeral, religious or not, is a Celebration of a life lived, a chance to help family and friends have a meaningful service that ends with some closure and even hope of life beyond death.

I lost my Wendy in December 2004 to cancer after her long and painful 4 year battle. So I have experienced the pain of loss and been through the grieving and can therefore empathise with those in grief and mourning.

I have also been blessed to find someone else and have been married to Jane since September 2005. Life does go on and there is happiness to be found and whatever our circumstance there will always be the treasured memories of those we have lost.